Greater Boise Aquatics Center

Select Civil is providing site construction services from initial site prep through asphalt paving. Select Civil will also provide building and swimming pool excavation and embankment services. This project is on-going and slated for a spring 2023 completion.

Briarhill HOA Storm Pond Removal and Infrastructure Upgrade

To better serve their community needs Briarhill reached out to Select Civil to have a storm pond filled in and infrastructure installed to improve the function of the area’s storm water control.

Primary Health New Facilities Gravity Irrigation System

Select Civil completed early work on re-routing and piping an existing gravity irrigation ditch ahead of construction on the new Primary Health Urgent Care Facility. Multiple structures and several hundred feet of reinforced concrete pipe were placed to maintain irrigation infrastructure and increase the useful space and safety of the new site.

Bogus Basin Storm Water Systems

Select Civil provided water collection and piping systems along with a retention basin and control structures and out-flow riprap. Site grading and access roadway construction for maintenance capped a wonderful project that will provide critical storm and runoff water management support for year-round operations.

Lined Storm Water Retention Pond

Select Civil excavated to waste and rubber-lined a new storm water retention pond with the primary function of collecting and retaining water from area irrigation and storm water collection and provides a community critical function as a water resource for use in area residential site landscape irrigation.

Infrastructure in Multiple Area Subdivisions

Select Civil is proud to be a critical service provider to the area developers who are building the subdivisions that house the hundreds of new homes required for our growing community. We install sanitary sewer, water and fire water, gravity and pressure irrigation and storm water control systems. Working in Idaho we encounter everything from flowing water to solid rock. We work through each of these existing site conditions and deliver quality turn-key systems. These projects are always going and are found across the treasure valley!